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    The ISMMART Industry Free Tour Adventure “ISMMART Ka PAKISTAN”


    The ISMMART Industry Free Tour Adventure  “ISMMART Ka PAKISTAN”

    A land of majestic mountains, bustling bazaars, and a rich tapestry of cultures. This was the backdrop for the ISMMART Group of Industries' extraordinary Free Tour Pakistan, a global phenomenon that drew over 5000 eager applicants from every corner of the globe. With the spin of a lucky draw wheel, 105 fortunate candidates were chosen to take in this voyage of a lifetime. 
    With over 5000 applicants hailing from different corners of the world, the Free Tour Pakistan by ISMMART Group was the talk of the travel community. The lucky winners, numbering 105, were selected through an exciting lucky draw, giving them the opportunity of a lifetime to explore the breathtaking vistas and cultural treasures of Pakistan. 
    The tour was thoughtfully divided into 10 batches, with the first group started their adventure from 15th to 31st September. Starting from Islamabad and Taxila, these enthusiastic travelers began their incredible journey, experiencing the historical significance of Taxila's ruins before venturing into the mesmerizing northern areas of Pakistan. 
    The picturesque landscapes of Hunza and Skardu left everyone in awe. Surrounded by towering peaks, serene lakes, and warm-hearted locals, the participants found themselves lost in the magic of these northern regions. The journey through Hunza and Skardu was nothing short of a dream come true for many.  
    But the tour didn't stop at the north. The explorers continued their trip southwards, delving into the vibrant cultures of Lahore, the historical significance of Multan, the architectural marvels of Bahawalpur, and the bustling streets of Karachi. Each destination offered a unique experience, enriching the travelers' understanding of Pakistan's diverse heritage.  
    Beyond the breathtaking sights and cultural experiences, the primary aim of this tour was to promote tourism and create a positive image of Pakistan. The ISMMART Group of Industries believes in the untapped potential of Pakistan's tourism sector and its capacity to foster economic growth. By showcasing the country's natural beauty and cultural richness, the group seeks to attract travelers from around the world and bolster Pakistan's position on the global tourism map. 
    Adding an extra layer of excitement to this remarkable journey, the renowned vlogging group "Patangeer" accompanied the tour. Through their captivating vlogs and social media updates, they shared the travelers' experiences with the world, further enhancing Pakistan's appeal as a travel destination. 
    In a message to all participants, Chairman Mr. Shaukat expressed his gratitude to the lucky winners and emphasized the importance of showcasing Pakistan's natural beauty and cultural heritage. He stressed that the ISMMART Group is committed to promoting tourism and building a positive image of Pakistan not only internationally but also internally, among its own people. 
    The ISMMART Group Free Tour Pakistan has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on all those who were part of this incredible journey. It has not only promoted tourism but also created lasting memories and a renewed sense of appreciation for the beauty and diversity of Pakistan. As the lucky winners shared their experiences, they've inspired others to explore this hidden gem of a country. 
    So, are you ready to be part of the next adventure? Keep an eye out for future opportunities with the ISMMART Group, and who knows, you might be the lucky traveler on the next Free Tour Pakistan, discovering the wonders of this incredible nation. 


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