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    ISMMART Meets Sri Lankan Leaders: Strategic Partnerships Take The Center Stage



    In continuation of its ambitious expansion plans across Sri Lanka, the senior management team of ISMMART Group of Industries, led by General Manager Mr. Naveed Motiwala, visited the esteemed Hon. (Dr.) Ramesh Pathirana, M.P. (Minister of Industries and Minister of Health) on January 22nd, 2024.


    This visit proved quite fruitful as it marked a significant step towards fostering potential partnerships and exploring diverse investment opportunities within the island nation. It also facilitated a gathering of ISMMART's senior management with a delegation of influential figures from Sri Lanka's business and political landscape.


    The esteemed panel of this meaningful dialogue included representatives from prominent entities like Hong Xiang Carpentry Pte Ltd, Kreate Design, Dr. Amry (chairman of CIF) and Dr. Cyntia (International Governor at CIF), and esteemed individuals like Hon. (Dr.) Ramesh Pathirana, (M.P. - Minister of Industries and Minister of Health), Ismmart Group of Industries GM Mr. Naveed Motiwala, Sir Lawrence Tay (Director - ISMMART Industries, Singapore), Sir Sugath, and Mr. Loh Weng Sheng ( International Director of CIF).


    This meeting commenced with a warm introduction to Ismmart Group of Industries by Mr. Naveed Motiwala, followed by a compelling presentation by Mr. Lawrence Tay showcasing the company's impressive global reach spanning over 11 countries, including Pakistan, UAE, and Singapore. Additionally, he highlighted ISMMART's recent strategic acquisitions - an IT/electronics factory in Malaysia and a Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics factory in the UK - further underlining the group's ambitious growth trajectory.


    Hon. (Dr.) Ramesh Pathirana, (M.P), expressed his delight at ISMMART's keen interest in investing in Singapore. He emphasized the nation's need for investors like Ismmart, especially considering that 75% of the country's medicine is currently imported. Dr. Pathirana encouraged Ismmart to familiarize themselves with the relevant local laws to ensure a smooth entry into the Singaporean market.


    The insightful discussions extended beyond healthcare, with the Minister suggesting that Ismmart explore ventures into the rubber and manufacturing industries, including the automotive and shipbuilding sectors. These potential avenues hold immense promise for mutually beneficial collaborations, leveraging ISMMART's expertise and Singapore's robust infrastructure and skilled workforce.


    This high-powered meeting marks a significant milestone for Ismmart Group of Industries as it has paved the way for future collaborations and has solidified ISMMART's commitment to expanding its footprint in the dynamic Sri Lankan market. The exchange of ideas and forging of relationships with key stakeholders bodes well for ISMMART’s continued success and contribution to the region's economic prosperity.


    ISMMART Group of Industries is confident that this strategic engagement will unlock new opportunities, fostering innovation and propelling them towards a future of shared growth and success in Singapore and beyond.


    Stay tuned for further updates as this exciting partnership unfolds!


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