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    What career opportunities are available/how to apply?

    There are many opportunities available in various departments. You see available positions and apply for a job by visiting careers page on website

    What is the process of hiring and what skills are required to get hired?

    The recruitment process at ISMMART group of industries typically involves multiple categories such as initial screening through interviewing, skill assessment etc. The process and skill requirements may vary depending on the job requirements.

    What employee benefits does ISMMART Group of Industries offer?

    ISMMART Group of Industries provides multiple employee benefit packages and opportunities such as competitive salary, paid leaves etc.

    How does ISMMART Group of Industries promote professional development and growth for its employees?

    At ISMMART Group of Industries, we believe in investing in our employees' professional development and growth. Here, we offer various training programs, workshops, and learning opportunities to enhance employees' skills and knowledge. Additionally, we encourage career advancement through internal promotions and provide support for employees to pursue further education or professional certifications.

    What is the expected handover date? And what are the payment plans available for the project?

    What is the expected handover date? And what are the payment plans available for the project?

    What are the key highlights and amenities offered in Tower 17?

    Tower 17 - Faisal Hills Islamabad offers spacious layouts, covered parking, modern and creative designs, elevators, a fitness center (gym and spa), after-sales maintenance, a day care center, swimming pool, a safe and secure environment for profitable investment, a children's play area, and 3 years of easy installment plan.

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