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    ISMMART Cultivates Sri Lankan Growth: High-Level Meeting with Agriculture Minister Yields Promising Opportunities

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    Following their initial Sri Lankan foray, ISMMART Group of Industries continues to cultivate fertile ground for investment in the island nation. On January 22, 2024, ISMMART's senior management, led by its general manager Mr. Naveed Motiwala, engaged in a productive meeting with the esteemed Hon. Mahinda Amaraweera, Sri Lanka's Minister of Agriculture and Plantation Industries.


    This strategic dialogue was also attended by prominent entities like Hong Xiang Carpentry Pte Ltd, Kreate Design, and esteemed individuals like Dr. Amry (Chairman of CIF) and Dr. Cyntia (International Governor at CIF) with the aim of exploring lucrative avenues for ISMMART's investment within Sri Lanka's vibrant agricultural sector.


    During the discussions, Sir Naveed provided a comprehensive overview of ISMMART's diverse portfolio and sought valuable guidance from Hon. Amaraweera regarding promising investment opportunities. The Minister readily identified high-potential sectors, highlighting coconut and spice cultivation as particularly attractive options for ISMMART's expertise. This insightful suggestion opens doors for ISMMART to tap into Sri Lanka's rich agricultural heritage and contribute to the nation's economic growth.


    The meeting also shed light on potential collaborations in the healthcare domain. The CIF, represented by Dr. Amry and Dr. Cyntia, expressed their anticipation for the Minister's approval to introduce Chinese medicine to the Sri Lankan market. This potential development paves the way for an exciting venture in a sector poised for significant expansion.


    Furthermore, Hon. Amaraweera shared encouraging news about a readily available banana plantation in other states, underscoring the government's keenness to partner with ISMMART. He emphasized that initiating just one project in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Plantation Industries would lay the foundation for a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship between ISMMART and Sri Lanka.


    This pivotal meeting signifies ISMMART's unwavering commitment to contributing to Sri Lanka's economic diversification and prosperity. By forging strong partnerships with key stakeholders and identifying untapped potential within the agricultural and healthcare sectors, ISMMART is poised to make a significant impact on the island nation's thriving economy. As these collaborations blossom, both ISMMART and Sri Lanka stand to reap the rewards of sustainable and mutually beneficial growth.



    Khurram Bilal

    Wish ISMMART Group of Industries a continuous growth and success in all future endeavors across the globe.

    Khurram Bilal
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