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    Ismmart Group of Industries Expands Global Footprint with New Office Opening in Türkiye


    Ismmart Group of Industries Expands Global Footprint with New Office Opening in Türkiye
    Türkiye- December 24, 2024 - Ismmart Group of Industries, a leading global conglomerate, has marked a significant milestone in its expansion strategy with the inauguration of a new office in Türkiye - the land of legends. The bustling ceremony on December 24, 2024, showcased Ismmart's commitment to not only broadening its business horizons but also to fostering economic growth and providing employment opportunities to the people of Türkiye. Ismmart Group of Industries, renowned for its diverse portfolio spanning various sectors, has successfully established a new office in Türkiye. The conglomerate's move reflects its strategic vision to strengthen its presence in key global markets. The newly inaugurated office in Türkiye signifies Ismmart Group's dedication to expanding its operations and contributing to the economic development of the country. The office will serve as a hub for various business activities, including strategic planning, real estate, marketing, and client relations. The grand opening ceremony took place on December 24, 2024, adding a festive touch to the holiday season and symbolizing a gift of growth and opportunity for both Ismmart Group and the Turkish community. Located in the heart of Türkiye, the new office is strategically positioned to facilitate seamless business operations and collaborations. The choice of Türkiye as a destination underscores the country's strategic importance in Ismmart's global growth strategy. Ismmart Group's decision to open an office in Türkiye is rooted in the nation's rich historical significance and its robust economic landscape. Türkiye, with its strategic geographical location bridging Europe and Asia, has been a crossroads of civilizations for centuries, fostering cultural exchange and trade. Mr. Shaukat Marwat, CEO of Ismmart Group of Industries, expressed his enthusiasm about the new venture, stating: "Expanding our operations to Türkiye is a strategic move aligned with our vision of sustainable global growth. We are excited about the opportunities this brings, both for our company and the talented individuals we aim to work with. This marks a new chapter in our journey, and we are committed to contributing positively to the dynamic business landscape of Türkiye." As Ismmart Group of Industries continues its journey of global expansion, the new office in Türkiye serves as a testament to its resilience, adaptability, and commitment to creating a positive impact on the global business landscape. The conglomerate looks forward to fostering fruitful collaborations and contributing to the economic prosperity of Türkiye.

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